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Friday, September 17, 2010

More House Pics

The room of denial - may as well get that over and done with - it's much better than it was believe it or not

Looking from the RoD into the kitchen

Looking from the RoD to Ben's room, the laundry, back door is on the right

Looking down the hall from Ben's room to the RoD

Classic bathrroom

Ben in the living room, the windows look out to the front yard and giant brick wall that blocks out the traffic (kinda)

The Living Room looking into the kitchen - the couch and front of the house is to the right

Mini art collection in the front hall

My Italian china and rocks and stuff in the front hallway

The living room

The kitchen looking into the RoD

Ben's room featuring his snow globe collection

It's always a mess

Our room with nothing on the wall, I hate it but it's against the rules. Haven't come up with a way to bend the rules yet but I will!

Our room again from the other angle

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The "New" House - a work in progress

Ben and his Lille pillow

The snowglobe collection

Bunk Bed

The 1950's bathroom

The room of denial - there are books in all those boxes.


Living room - we're using a card table to eat at

Other side of the lounge room

1950's kitchen looking into the Room of Denial

and the rest of the kitchen

The balcony thingy outside

Looking into the backyard - the brick building is the studio and the greenhouse is behind the clothesline. Of course there's Tigger's trampoline!

The beginnings of a veggie patch, so far just spinach, lettuce and herbs

The car which doesn't fit in the garage overlooking the traffic

Back of house - the garage is underneath

Studio still in a mess

a big mess

but I'm working on it

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Journey to Australia

Hanging Ten in Honolulu

Eating Puke Dogs on Oahu

Being silly

Puka Dogs!!!

Kava Bar in Kona

Hanging with the Griegs, wish it could have been longer

Leaving Hawai'i - and the US

I'm the King of My Own Little World

Deck Nine on Rhapsody of the Seas



Ben's pet coconut


Old rusty things :)

Fast food

Swimming in the Pacific - watch out for those sea urchins

Big ship, little island

Bora Bora

Free ice cream 24/7

Formal night on the ship

Back in Sydney